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Wellness Lifestyle Program


Lorma Wellness Center & Integrative Medicine Department


Mission / Purpose

* Created for individuals who want to take an active role in their own health and well being

* A place where medical expertise comes together with evidence-based complimentary and alternative therapies

* Managed by multidisciplinary team of medical specialist and complementary therapist to promote optimal health



* To foster complete health and well-being of mind-body-spirit-environmental by optimizing wellness, preventing disease, and restoring quality of life.



* Nutritional therapy and lifestyle change

* Yoga, Taichi, Qigong

* Counseling

* Meditation and Prayer therapy

* Acupuncture and acupressure

* Aromatherapy

* Massage therapy

* Herbal medicine and Ayurveda

* Pranic healing



The Lorma Wellness and Integrative Medicine Team is composed of:

Chairman: Dr. Jeisela C. Balderas-Gaerlan, FPPS, DTM&H

Asst. Chairman: Dr. Jubila Balderas-de Guzman, FPCP, FPSEM

Integrative Holistic Medicine Consultant : Dr. Carol Lynn Macagba, ABIHM


Dr. Virginia Q. Biteng, FPCP, FPSN

Dr. Edward L. Chiu, FPOA, FPCS

Dr. Brenda M. Espinosa, FPCP, FPCC

Dr. Raymond L. Espinosa, FPNA

Dr. Manuel C. Monis, FPCP, FPCCP

Dr. Maria Luisa R. Ordoņo, FPSC, FPSMO, FPCP

Dr. Maria Teresa V. Orlino, DPAFP

Dr. Madeline J. Retuta, MPH

Multidisciplinary Team:

Ms. Jennifer Amowas, Yoga & Taichi

Ms. Genelyn Arellano, Massage Therapy

Mrs. Venus Ong, Physical Therapy

Ptr. Brennus  Paragas & Fr. Froilan Saluta, Meditation and Prayer

Ms. Josephine Ricardel, Counseling

Mrs. Adela Sibayan, Dietary and Nutrition

Mr. Ramon Tamayo, Qi gong

Mrs. Ofelia Pulido, Nursing Service

Ms. Teresita Klug, Public Education (Marketing)


For further inquiries call Lorma Corporate Services at 072-700-0000 local 129 or visit us at Lorma Wellness Center located at the 2nd floor of Lorma’s west wing, across from the Nursing Services.