"If it's a matter of life or health, choose Lorma Medical Center."

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A smiling face is the mirror of our body and can heal sick patients” – Last March I came here for check-up. I was then referred to Dr. Espinosa so I went to his clinic. He sent me back here for EEG. The staff downstairs at the front office did the EEG for me right away so I had the time to go back to Dr. Espinosa who interpreted the result. It was done so fast that we had the time to go back to Ilocos that same day. I thank the staff very much. To Lorma as a whole, thank you so much and may God bless you all. All the staff and employees of Lorma Hospital are very friendly. I’m very glad to see their smiling faces every morning. Keep up your good work!!!
- Patient Rm 426.

Thank you for my pleasant stay at Lorma. Keep up the excellent care & service. Dr. Nelson Gundran is very patient, good physician. He listens well to patient’s complaints. He shows happy disposition. Hope he’ll be a fellow soon.
Thanks doctor!
– From Executive Suite G

“I have been supplied with newspapers everyday. I had been to big and modern hospital in Manila, and it’s only here that we are given newspaper.  Nursing personnel – prompt in doing things for patients’ comfort.  Very good big, and clean trash cans." 
- From Exec. Suite E

“My thanks to Dr. Gamboa and MCO in the ER who gave a helping hand during my life and death situation. I can’t forget all of you who gave me my second life and of course to our beloved God Almighty who used your hospital to help me survive. I was so satisfied. In behalf of my small kids, husband and my relatives, thank you very much! God bles you all!” – From 2A (Ward)

Lorma hospital has improved a lot when it comes to services. The personnel are so caring and they always offer a friendly smile. I am happy to see some interns who were my former students in high school. They are so cheerful and fresh looking which help the patients recover fast. LORMA EXCELLENT! – From Rm. 222


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This may be your first experience in a hospital and perhaps you feel you are in a place of strange scenes, sounds, odors, and events. Yet, you are not among strange people. You are not alone. The doctors, nurses and other workers in the hospital are your friends. By their kindly ways, they have been helping others back to health and strength. For a few days, this will be your home. Home is a place of love, friends, peace, and those who care.

God loves you and can help and comfort you if you ask for His help through Jesus. He cares for you, pray to Him. Tell Him of your pains, your worries, your troubles through prayer and ask for forgiveness for your sins. Read what God says in the Bible beside your bed. Ask for one if there is none. Ask Jesus to enter your heart and to lead your life. His comforting presence can take all the strangeness of your room away and make it a place of trust and confidence.

Importance of a positive attitude...

A positive attitude has been found by research to actually enhance healing. One characteristic of sickness is its demoralizing effect upon a person's thinking. Sometimes a brave man becomes cowardly, a strong man weak, and a poised person demoralized. Our ability to carry on becomes undermined. We fall easy victims to fears, worries, impatience and other factors that normally we would put aside.

When one is ill, he also loses his perspective. Today's pain seems eternal. Life's purposes appears to be in disarray. It is difficult to realize that a few days of sickness are but a small part of a year. While we are ill, we often lose poise. We lack the capacity to fit an unfortunate experience into the pattern of life.
Do not be discouraged. All things work together for good to those who love God. Your sickness is but a small part of a busy life. You can learn much from experience.

"Thank God every morning when you get up that , you have something to do which must be done, whether you like it or not. Being forced to work, and forced to do your best, will breed in your temperance and self control, diligence and strength of will, cheerfulness and content, and a hundred virtues which the idle never know."
- Charles Kingsley

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