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on behalf of the Valdez-Silao family, i would like to express our profound gratitude for the care you have afforded to our MOM Vicenta Silao -WARD

Also, thank you for remembering our Mom's soon 82nd birthday by giving her cake and balloons which serves not just an inspiration to her but al of us family. have talked to her on the phone and she told me, it was a good surprise and she was indeed very gratified and happy.

again, a million thanks. with best regards. GOD BLESS!


Good Morning to one and all

  I am one of the patients of your prestigious Medical Center last Tuesday, January 27, who had undergone Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). I wish to thank all the staff/employees who extended their unselfish and dedicated assistance while I was at the Center.  Special mention to Dr. Hidegunda Santos, Medicard coordinator, the HMO staff (the two ladies from the billing section), Mr. Oliver Hufana and his staff (MRI section), and the nursing students who assisted at the MRI section.


Sometimes a happy face
Takes us to a cheerful place,
Where all the sadness
Turns into gladness
And troubles fade way...
Worries and fears dissipate
And happiness ensues...
So here's a bunch of happy smiles
Especially for you ALL …

 Have a nice DAY !!

Philippine Economic Zone Authority
Baguio City Economic Zone
loakan Road, Baguio City

Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 11:25 AM


“A smiling face is the mirror of our body and can heal sick patients” – Last March I came here for check-up. I was then referred to Dr. Espinosa so I went to his clinic. He sent me back here for EEG. The staff downstairs at the front office did the EEG for me right away so I had the time to go back to Dr. Espinosa who interpreted the result. It was done so fast that we had the time to go back to Ilocos that same day. I thank the staff very much. To Lorma as a whole, thank you so much and may God bless you all. All the staff and employees of Lorma Hospital are very friendly. I’m very glad to see their smiling faces every morning. Keep up your good work!!!
- Patient Rm 426.

Thank you for my pleasant stay at Lorma. Keep up the excellent care & service. Dr. Nelson Gundran is very patient, good physician. He listens well to patient’s complaints. He shows happy disposition. Hope he’ll be a fellow soon.
Thanks doctor!
– From Executive Suite G

“I have been supplied with newspapers everyday. I had been to big and modern hospital in Manila, and it’s only here that we are given newspaper.  Nursing personnel – prompt in doing things for patients’ comfort.  Very good big, and clean trash cans." 
- From Exec. Suite E

“My thanks to Dr. Gamboa and MCO in the ER who gave a helping hand during my life and death situation. I can’t forget all of you who gave me my second life and of course to our beloved God Almighty who used your hospital to help me survive. I was so satisfied. In behalf of my small kids, husband and my relatives, thank you very much! God bles you all!” – From 2A (Ward)

Lorma hospital has improved a lot when it comes to services. The personnel are so caring and they always offer a friendly smile. I am happy to see some interns who were my former students in high school. They are so cheerful and fresh looking which help the patients recover fast. LORMA EXCELLENT! – From Rm. 222




New medical leadership poised to set higher standard of healthcare.

By: Allan A. Alvarez, January 30, 2007.  San Fernando City, La Union.  Philippines.

Dr. Mario T. Bautista, new Medical Director of
Lorma Medical Center.

Lorma Medical Center, the finest tertiary referral center in Northern Luzon, installed their new medical officers Tuesday, Jan. 30, at the 6th floor rooftop of the new medical arts building.

In a ceremony held at the Lorma chapel, Dr. Mario T. Bautista, Chest, Vascular & Laparoscopic Surgeon, was installed as the 4th medical director of the hospital.  A graduate of the Manila Central University, Dr. Bautista brings to Lorma Medical Center a wealth of experience in addressing the need for effective administration of the hospital's growing medical department.

The following is the new lineup of Lorma Medical Center's medical staff:

  • Dr. Mario Tadiar Bautista, MD, DPBS, FPCS, Medical Director
  • Dr. Raymond Lopez Espinosa, MD, FPNA, Assistant Medical Director/Medical Staff Development and Training
  • Dr. Emilio Velasco Joven, MD, Assistant Medical Director/Clinical and House Staff Services
  • Dr. Brenda Muñoz Espinosa, MD, FPCP, FPCC, Head, Department of Medicine
  • Dr. Ana C. Tolentino, MD, FPCP, FPSG, FPSDE, Assistant Head, Department of Medicine
  • Dr. Sixto Rilloraza Ordoño, MD, DPBNS, FAFNI , Head, Department of Surgery
  • Dr. Florante Lucero Licudine, MD, DPBO, Assistant Head, Department of Surgery
  • Dr. Jeisela Balderas Gaerlan, MD, DPPS, DTM&H, Head, Department of Pediatrics
  • Dr. Amalia Manook Komiya, MD, DPPS, Assistant Head, Department of Pediatrics
  • Dr. Abilaine C. Ang, MD, DPOGS, Head, Department of Obstetrics-Gynecology
  • Dr. Editha L. Flores, MD, FPOGS, FCPC, Assistant Head, Department of Obstetrics-Gynecology
  • Dr. Lene Grace Arreola Nibungco, MD, CFP, DPAFP, FPAFP, Department Head, Family Medicine/Pediatrics
  • Dr. Nelson Mendoza Gundran, MD, Chief Resident Physician
  • Dr. Vicky Ann Solomon Bautista, MD, Poison Center
  • Dr. Virginia Quilop Biteng, MD, DPCP, FPCP, FPSN, Dialysis Unit
  • Dr. Brenda Muñoz Espinosa, MD, FPCP, FPCC, Cardiology Unit
  • Dr. Reynaldo Rivera Espinueva, MD, DPBO, Eye Laser Unit
  • Dr. Raymond Lopez Espinosa, MD, FPNA, Stroke Unit
  • Dr. Joyce R. Komiya, MD, FPCR, Radiology
  • Dr. Rudolf Constantino T. Wi, MD, FPSP, Lorma Laboratory
  • Dr. Edward Dulipa Lingayo, MD, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Dr. Nelson Mendoza Gundran, MD, Lorma On-Site Services
  • Dr. Manuel Monis, FPCP, DPCCP, Respiratory Therapy

During his speech, Dr. Bautista welcomed the challenge of directing the medical services of Lorma and emphasized special effort in maintaining the hospital's leadership position in the province and the region.  His philosophy of cooperation among all departments within the hospital working towards a common goal is in line with Lorma's core values.  Dr. Bautista also reminisced about his childhood when he used to accompany his uncle, Judge Alfredo Tadiar, as he courted then Dr. Florence L. Macagba, who Judge Tadiar eventually married. 

As Dr. Bautista grew up, Lorma Medical Center was always a place he visited and fondly remembers until he eventually joined the Lorma Visiting Consultants Group in 1997.  Since then, his outstanding surgical performance and ability to work with physicians from different specialties developed and eventually earned him the top spot in the administration of medical services at Lorma.

Lorma Medical Center is the best known and largest private hospital in Region 1. Since it was launched in 1934, it has set the standard for quality care, cleanliness, specialization and technology—and it is affectionately called the “St. Luke’s of the north.”

For more information on Lorma Medical Center or to reach Dr. Mario T. Bautista, please call us at:  072-700-0000. 






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