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The Marketing Department at LMC provides support for Lorma Medical Center by building long-lasting relationships with patients, businesses, foundations, Lorma college alumni, and members of the community. These relationships help enhance the groundbreaking work of physicians throughout the medical center and provide a sense of involvement and fulfillment for donors, volunteers, and staff. We invite you to learn more about embarking on a partnership with Lorma Medical Center.

A gift to Lorma Medical Center represents an investment in the lives and futures of others. Your gift ensures that Lorma’s tradition of medical excellence continues and that patients and families receive the best possible care and support. It also allows our medical professionals to advance their work, to apply their medical findings at the patient’s bedside, and to share these discoveries in the classroom and with the medical community.

How are gifts used?

You may designate your gift to support a specific department, program, or research area, or you may allocate your gift to the Medical Fund, which allows the dean of Lorma Colleges to determine how the gift can best be used to support the School’s top priorities.

Student Support
Lorma Colleges is committed to providing aid to its students, regardless of their financial situation.

Faculty Support
Donor support plays a crucial role in funding faculty through professorships and faculty scholar funds.

Patient Care
Physicians and staff at Lorma Medical Center are committed to the art of caring and to creating a true patient-centered facility.

Building Projects
New buildings on the campus will benefit patients, students, and faculty members.

Lorma Foundation

Ilocos Scanning and Imaging

Ways of giving

Gifts to LMC may be designated as either expendable or endowed. An expendable fund means that the principal is used for the purpose designated by the donor. This type of giving is an excellent way for you to make an immediate impact in areas such as student financial aid and research.

An endowed fund is a permanent source of support. Such gifts are invested by Lorma to generate annual income, and a portion of the return on the fund is used to support the purpose chosen by the donor. The balance of interest and the appreciation remains in the fund so that the principal continues to grow and keep pace with inflation.

The permanence of an endowed fund, and your ability to name the fund after anyone you choose, makes this type of giving an excellent vehicle for honoring or memorializing someone important to you. Learn more about Endowment Gift Opportunities.

Transferring appreciated marketable stock to Lorma is a good option if you wish to support an area of medical research while reducing your tax bill. Individuals who transfer stock can receive a charitable tax deduction and avoid capital gains tax.

Planned Gifts
Planned gifts include a variety of gifts with special tax implications, including gifts through your estate (in your will or revocable trust) and life income gifts. Life income gifts allow you to transfer assets now (cash, securities, or real estate) and receive income for a period of time with the remainder going to Lorma.

By including Lorma Medical Center in your financial planning, you provide a gift that will live on and benefit future generations.

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