Audiometry is a test to identify and diagnose hearing loss. This will enable the doctor to diagnose hearing problem to children, adults and elderly. With correct diagnosis of specific pattern or hearing impairment, the right type of therapy will include hearing aids, corrective surgery or speech therapy.

An audiologist is a specialist in detecting hearing loss that uses an audiometer for audiometry testing. Testing of hearing hearing loss is done in a sound proof testing room.

The equipment emits sounds or tones at their various frequencies or pitches at different volumes or level of loudness. On the other hand, the person will undergo testing wears a set of headphones that blocks distracting sounds and delivers the tests tone to one ear at a time. When sound of a tone is emitted, the patient holds up a hand or finger to indicate that sound is detected. Then the audiologist lowers the volume and repeats the sound until the patient can no longer detect it. There is a second type of audiometry testing by using head bands rather than head phones. It is worn with a small plastic rectangle that fit behind the ears to conduct sound through the bones of the skull.

The patient can sense the sound transmitted as vibrations through the bones to the inner ear. The test like head phones that the tones repeated at various frequencies and volumes. The result is recorded on a grid or audiogram. This will enable to give prescription to use hearing aid in case of hearing loss.

The technician had undergone a Pure Tone Air conduction Audiometry Training to specialize in the field of detecting hearing loss thru audiomerty machine.

Lorma’s audiometry is staffed with a trained and friendly technician to test a person’s ability to hear various sound frequencies. It is equipped with a Diagnostic Audiometer and results are interpreted by our ENT specialist.

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