The Lorma Laboratory’s Blood Bank was established in response to the immediate need for blood by victims of diseases and vehicular accidents.

It launched its first bloodletting activity following our 82nd Foundation Anniversary.

There are advantages of donating blood. For one, donors get a free medical checkup.

The blood pressure, body weight and hemoglobin are determined. Also, blood is tested for diseases that can  be transmitted   including malaria, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C as well as venereal disease.

Donating blood enhances the body to produce new red blood cells and reduces the risk of getting heart diseases.

Now that we have our own blood supply for our patients, we do not need to rely on other organizations to supply us. For those who want to donate, come to the Laboratory or call Ms. Lilian Silvino at 072-700-0000 local 131.

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