Don’t take chances with cancer…

The danger signs of cancer include unexpected weight loss, anemia, lump somewhere, change in bowel habits, prolonged cough, etc.. The Lorma Cancer and Pain Center provides Cancer screening, treatment and holistic care for the whole person. Philhealth provides special benefits to defray treatment cost.

Chemotherapy and pain treatment are now available for patients with cancer. Previously incurable and devastating cancers can be helped by a combination that includes surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Recent trends show a significant improvement in 5-year survival rates from 39% in the sixties to 43% in the seventies to 50% in the eighties.

Today, modern treatment has shifted from specialization to integration of different approaches. Specific cancers are no longer considered to belong to certain specialties. Different methods are now used to target all the sites of disease, using a MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH to the management of cancer.

Lorma’s new Cancer Center focuses directly on the diagnosis and treatment of this dreaded disease.

A. Surgery

B. Radiation Therapy

1. Primary Chemotherapy

2. Adjuvant Therapy

3. Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

4. Concurrent Chemotherapy

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Maria Luisa R. Ordoño, MD, FPCP, FPSMO

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