Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

Cardiac Catheterization is a medical procedure that cardiologists (heart specialists) use to evaluate heart function and diagnose cardiovascular conditions. Lorma has inaugurated its Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory this March 2016. Patients from the North, who are suffering from Cardiac diseases, need not go to Manila to undergo cardiac procedures as they can come to Lorma Medical Center.

The Lorma Cathlab is the first and only cardiac lab unit in Region 1. The Unit is able to do cardiac and vascular procedures.

Cardiac Procedures:
Coronary Angiography
Coronary Angioplasty
Swan-Ganz Right Heart Catheterization
Left Heart Catheterization
Permanent and Temporary Pacemaker Insertion
Intra-aortic Baloon Pump Insertion
Other Fluoroscopy-guided Cardiac Procedures

Vascular Procedures:
Cerebral Angiogram
Percutaneous Transhepatic Biliary Drainage
Other Fluoroscopy-guided Vascular Procedures

The Cathlab has a recovery room for patients recovering from the direct effects of anesthesia and for monitoring of post-surgical complications. From the recovery room, patients are transferred to the coronary care unit for close monitoring.

The Lorma Cathlab is a joint partnership of the HB Calleja National Heart Institutes and the Lorma Heart Institute.  The Cathlab team is composed of well-trained and experienced nurses, radiologists and interventional cardiologists, Dr. Lala Ann F. Bambico, FPCP, FPCC, Dr. Romeo G. Molano, Jr., FPCP, FPCC, and Dr. Justina S. Calibuso, FPCP.

For more inquiries, contact the Cathlab Manager, Mrs. Shanaleigh Picar-Flores, RN, at 072-700-0000 local 219 and 229. You can call or text 0917-3268421.

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