Colposcopy Center

A Colposcopy is a type of cervical cancer test. It lets your doctor or nurse get a close-up look at your Cervix(the opening to your uterus). It’s used to find abnormal cells in your cervix.

What happens during a Colposcopy and Biopsy?

You’ll lie down on an exam table like you would for a pelvic exam. The doctor or nurse will put a speculum into your vagina and open it. This separates the walls of your vagina so they can get a really good look at your cervix.

They’ll wash your cervix with a vinegar-like solution. This makes it easier to see abnormal cells. Next they’ll look at your cervix through a colposcope(an instrument that looks like binoculars on a stand with a bright light).

The colposcope doesn’t touch you or go inside you.

If your doctor or nurse sees something that doesn’t look normal, they’ll do a biopsy. This means they’ll take a tiny sample of tissue and send it to a lab.

There are 2 types of Biopsies:

• One takes tissue from outside your cervix.

• The other takes tissue from inside the opening of your cervix.

Sometimes you need more than one biopsy.

A colposcopy and biopsy only takes about 5-10 minutes.

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