CT(Computerized Tomography) Scan 

The Ilocos Scanning & Imaging Center has upgraded from a 16-slice to a 64-slice Computed Tomography (CT) scan.

The 64-slice CT scanner is even more powerful than a regular CT scanner, since it is able to capture up to 64 simultaneous anatomical slices of 0.5 mm in a single gantry rotation.

CT scans create incredibly detailed cross-sectional images by rotating around the body, unlike a traditional two-dimensional X-ray. Even precise images of rapidly moving organs like the heart and lungs are possible.

The 64 slice CT scan is used to diagnose everything from cysts and tumors to blood diseases, blood clots, hemorrhages and infections.

CT technology can also perform screenings for early detection of lung cancer and virtual colonoscopies for the non-invasive detection of pre-cancerous polyps and colon cancer. 

With such incredible speed and coverage, these scans allow doctors to diagnose at earlier stages and without invasive or surgical procedures previously required to make the diagnosis. That means earlier treatment for potentially better outcomes.

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