The Lorma Dialysis Center recently acquired the latest generation of dialysis machines- the 5008 S Haemodialysis Systems- that have the following advantages:

  • The machines minimize and facilitate routine procedures, thus, giving nursing personnel the much-needed time for the care of patients.
  • Haemodialysis therapy and surveillance can be adapted and fine-tuned to suit individual needs, resulting to improved Quality-of-Life and superior long-term outcome for all patients.
  • The machines offer the highest treatment quality – Online Haemodiafiltration – currently the most efficient renal replacement therapy as it allows for the controlled removal of uremic toxins. Thus, patients experience positive effects on major cardiovascular risk factors (e.g. improved blood pressure and anaemia control, reduced inflammatory response and dyslipidaemia).
  • The numerous, superior safety features of the 5008 S therapy systems assure the highest patient safety and provide full confidence to the entire dialysis team.
  • In addition, the 5008 S Haemodialysis Systems have well-designed user interface with optimized ergonomics.

Lorma management hopes that with these new machines, together with the double filtration water system, we can provide the best therapy for dialysis patients.

The Center provides attentive and personalized service at all times.

Trained staff and the latest equipment help ensure the confidence and comfort of all patients.

Three patients can be helped at one time with comfortable dialysis chairs, cable TV and airconditioning at reasonable rates.

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