High Risk Pregnancy/Ultrasound

Pregnancy is a joyous occasion in a woman’s life; however some conditions during pregnancy can complicate this event. Complex maternal and/or fetal conditions can often make the mother-to-be anxious and stressed. Reassurance of fetal well-being is especially important in the setting of a complicated pregnancy. Moreover, maternal conditions should also be monitored closely.

The Lorma’s Perinatology Unit is a subspecialty in Obstetrics. It is also called “Maternal and Fetal Medicine”. Physicians specializing in this area (Perinatologists) are doctors who have extensive training in the field of high-risk pregnancies.

Who are high-risk patients?

• Pregnancies at extremes of reproductive age (young primigravidas age 17 years and below, mature gravidas aged 35 years and above)

• Pregnancies complicated with placenta previa

• Patients with poor obstetrical history (consecutive or repeated abortions, pre term delivery, fetal death, congenital anomaly

• Patients with diagnosed medical conditions such as Hypertension, Heart disease, Bronchial asthma, Diabetes mellitus, Goiter, Kidney or gastrointestinal disease, Preeclampsia, and Infectious diseases

• Maternal congenital anomalies

• Incompetent cervix

• Patient with psychiatric problems or mental retardation

• Patient with problems of fetal aging, structure and size such as intrauterine growth restriction, macrosomia, unsure last menstrual period, congenital problems

• Multiple gestations (twins, triplets, etc.)

• Patients with polyhydramios (medical condition describing an excess amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac) or oligohydramios (medical condition in which the level of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby is too low)

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