Intensive Care Unit

Lorma Medical Center Intensive Care Unit is a 23 – bed facility which caters to critical care in the various areas of nursing such as neurosurgery, cardiovascular, surgical, pediatric and pulmonary. The area consists of 14 private rooms, 4 beds in the ward for adult cases and 3 beds intended for pediatric cases. Critical care nursing is a complex and challenging area of nursing in which nurses use their advance skills to care for patients who are critically ill and needs to be closely monitored.

The rooms in the unit are equipped with cardiac monitors that help in facilitating comprehensive monitoring of the vital signs of the patients and electrocardiograph tracings to ensure that the patient’s hemodynamic status is stable. The oxygen is placed in the wall unit as well the suction apparatus in each bed in the ICU. The unit also has a storage room where portable cardiac monitor and mechanical ventilators are accessible within reach.

The unit is a state-of-the-art facility, which ensures that interventions are done with ease and convenience. As we embrace paperless facility approach, the unit is ready for a more advanced record – keeping. The barcode technique is being practiced in medication administration and vital signs taking.




An ICU Nurse has to be well – trained in nursing techniques and decision – making skills when it comes to taking care of critically ill patients. Before becoming a part of the ICU team, the nurse has to be at least a ward nurse for two years with exemplary performance in the ward. The nurse will then be oriented by the senior staff in the ICU until the nurse is ready to handle patients. The ICU nurses undergo various trainings such as ABG Interpretation, Focus Charting and Documentation, Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, ECG Workshop, and Stroke Management, and the function and responsibilities of bedside and charge nurse.

The nurses are also given the opportunity to have a background on respiratory nursing, pediatric cardiology and kidney transplant, in addition to joining Intensive Training Program for Nurses at Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Critical Care Nursing in Philippine Heart Center, and Annual Conventions for Stroke Management as well as in Neurosurgery.

ICU guarantees that the family is in touch with the patient since one family member is allowed to be with the patient.

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