Laser Eye Institute

Micro incision surgery is the latest advancement in cataract surgery. Accredited ophthalmologists can use two kinds of lasers, cameras and other special equipment at the institute assisted by specially trained nurse technicians.

Designed to promote faster recovery of vision, micro incision surgery resulted from two developments of medical technology:

• Method of cataract-removal called “Phacoemulsification”

• Foldable lens implantation.

Little discomfort during or after surgery. The benefits of the Micro incision Phacoemulsification Cataract surgery are:

• More speedy recovery.
• Reduced risk of post operative Astigmatism.
• No distorted vision after surgery.
• Swift return of improved vision.
•Early return to normal activities.

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Dr. Reynaldo R. Espinueva, DPBO, FPAO
Dr. Florante L. Licudine, MD, FPBO, FPAO

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