Regenerative & Cellular Medicine

The Regenerative & Cellular Medicine Unit of Lorma is a team of doctors composed of Dr. Jayvee R. Komiya, FPOA and Dr. Gualberto T. Basco, FPOA, both orthopedic doctors; Dr. Cicel M. Reyna, DPBRM, FPARM, physiatrist; and Dr. Mario T. Bautista, FPCS, MBAH, our medical director and surgeon, who is also a certified Adistem Practitioner and head of the Unit. The team of doctors and staff are dedicated to the principles of personalized patient care and individualized attention. Their goal is to provide patients with the best possible care in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

Autologous PA-PRP

Lorma Medical Center Regenerative and Cellular Medicine Unit now has the capability to offer its patients the latest breakthrough in the treatment of joint pains. These pains often occur due to sports injuries, accidents and the aging process. PA-PRP treatment promises a significant reduction in pains to the knees, back, hands, elbows and all other body joints. The technique involves treatment with a small amount of the patient’s own concentrated blood plasma, and is done in a few hours with no medicine or confinement required. PA-PRP treats Osteoarthritis, muscle tears, ligament injuries, degenerative knees, tendon injuries and joint pain. Patients benefit from painless PA-PRP in that the treatment reduces the intensity and duration of pain, while it accelerates healing.

Autologous Stemcell Treatment Program

When damage occurs to the cells that make up the various tissues and organs involved in the immune system, the body becomes defenseless against both external invasion and internal degeneration. Damage to specific organs and immune system may be reversed through revitalization and regeneration with Stem Cell Therapy.

Fat cells are extracted through a liposuction process. The Lorma Medical Center Regenerative and Cellular Medicine Unit has the technology to separate large quantities of stemcells from fat, so there is no need to culture the cells over a period of days. The stemcells can be used righ away. Fat-derived stemcells are known as “progenitor” cells. They remain dormant (do nothing) until they are signaled by tissue damage. That is when they get to work. They home in on areas of injury or degeneration and turn on the healing process.

Apart fom improving the conditions of patients afflicted with degenerative diseases, Stemcell Therapy can produce an anti-aging “side effect” as well that can rejuvenate the body, giving it a youthful look and active strength.

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